Mosquito rearing

Test prodottiAt times, it may be necessary to fully develop a sample collected at a stage where precise identification of the species is problematic (eggs and pupae). At other times, large quantities of mosquitoes at the same stage may be needed, for example, to perform efficacy tests on products.

For these purposes, it is advisable to breed in an insectarium the samples collected in the field to the desired stage. Insectariums must therefore be set up to reconstruct the most suitable living conditions for the species at their current stage of development. In addition, they must be fed adequately and transferred to a new environment when it passes to a subsequent stage of development.

When collecting the eggs, it is necessary to put them in conditions suitable for their development and when they are at their first larval stages. The large larvae and the pupae are then transferred to special "mosquito breeder" so that the adults can easily be separate from the aquatic environment. The adults can then be transferred to special cages according to their fate.






Last modified: Feb 2021

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