Preventing the development of mosquitoes in cemeteries

In an urban environment, there are places that are extremely suitable for the reproduction of the Asian tiger mosquito and other mosquitoes.

Cemeteries have a myriad of vases that are among the most favorable places for the multiplication of this mosquito.

There are several measures that can be taken to limit its proliferation:

  • artificial or dried flowers should be in vases with holes or filled with sand to the brim; this is to prevent mosquito larvae developing in water collected in the vase;
  • wet sand, instead of water can be used for fresh flowers, otherwise, a larvicide product or a copper wire braid must be added to the water at every refill;
  • little used containers (empty pots, saucers not in use, watering cans, etc.) must be removed or kept upside down, so that they do not fill up with rain.

Last modified: Feb 2021

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