As foreseen with the project, notable efforts are dedicated to raising mosquito awareness in schools.

It is well known now that educating the private sector on how to avoid favoring mosquito development is fundamental when counteracting the proliferation of mosquitoes, especially the Asian tiger mosquito.

In recent years, it has been shown that the best way to spread information about mosquitoes to family homes is through educating children in schools. As a result of this, schools can benefit of about 1 hour talk with an expert. This "lessons" are frontal and cover areas such as the biology and the ecology of mosquitoes, their development habitats, their danger, how to minimize their impact, and personal protection. The talks are organized making an appointment, on spring (May-half June) or fall (half September-half October) preferably.


lezioneThe talks are generally organized as follows, but can adapted according the requirements of teachers:

- video screening;
- the biological cycle of mosquitoes;
- basics on the morphological aspects of the eggs, larvae, and the adult mosquito;
- strategies they use when searching for a host for their blood meal;
- larvae and adult mosquito predators;
- what to do in our home to control mosquitoes;
- question and answer session;
- final questionnaire to evaluate understanding.



Last modified: Feb 2021

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