Preventing the development of mosquitoes in industrial and commercial activities

Many industrial and commercial activities can also be hosts to the development of mosquitoes, especially Asian tiger mosquitoes; these activities include tire shops, plant nurseries, scrap yards, construction sites, storage areas, etc.

Water holding containers can easily be transformed into breeding sites such as tires, tubs, hydroponic crops, debris, bins, and any other objects that can contain water.

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For all these cases, the following rules should be applied:

  • objects that can contain rainwater should be overturned or stored indoors, under a canopy, in a warehouse, or with tarpaulins so well stretched that the rainwater easily drains off;
  • ideally, fish should be put in the water-filled tanks if they can survive there, otherwise they must be periodically treated with larvicidal products;
  • bins and other containers must be covered with suitable hermetically sealed lids, or with mosquito nets that are tightly stretched and sealed.

If cases cannot be resolved with these preventative measures, targeted disinfestation interventions must be carried out periodically by the company; these involve the use of larvicidal and/or adulticidal products.

Last modified: Feb 2021

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