Preventing the development of mosquitoes in vegetable gardens, gardens, and courtyards

Here are some examples of containers commonly found in vegetable gardens, gardens, and courtyards that can easily become breeding sites for Asian tiger mosquitoes and other mosquitoes: buckets, tubs, drinking troughs, rain barrels, watering cans, plastic toys, nylon sheets, etc. All these objects can easily fill with rainwater, or for irrigation, creating ideal conditions for the development of the Asian tiger mosquitoes.

Firstly, it is therefore necessary to remove unnecessary objects (e.g., abandoned nylon sheets). Put occasionally used objects upside down (e.g., watering cans) and cover those which are in use (barrels and bins) with watertight lids, or a mosquito net; it must be well stretched and fixed in place so as not to leave any gaps where mosquitoes can enter.

Introducing fish to ornamental fountains is the best solution; they are excellent predators when it comes to mosquito larvae.

Grilles, surface water drains, and downspout inspection pits at the end of gutters are all found outside homes. All of these often have siphons in which water can stagnate. As it is not possible to close them hermetically or empty them completely, the best solution is to treat them periodically with appropriate larvicides.


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Last modified: Feb 2021

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